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About Laminate flooring
laminate flooring comparison
Laminate Flooring is a multi-layered wood based floating floor system that offers durability, a wide range of design options, easy maintenance and affordability.

Europeans have enjoyed the benefits and features of laminate flooring for decades. Only now is laminate flooring making a major impact in the US and Canada. Laminate flooring is the one of the most versatile, durable and well-constructed types of flooring on the market today. The major attraction to laminate flooring is that is very attractive, affordable and easy to maintain.

laminate flooring repair subfloor membranes are so fricking easy to install it'll make you cry! In addition to the ability to make you cry, laminate flooring rating subfloor membranes also provide the following benefits:

  • Low cost, quick and easy to install
  • Increases the life of your laminate flooring
  • Creates a drainage path for moisture
  • Provides permanent moisture protection
  • Strong, durable and can support heavy loads,
  • Has a PSF of over 4000 pounds (PSF= Pounds per square foot)
  • Helps prevent surface condensation
  • Creates a thermal break
  • Sound deadening
  • Makes floors softer to walk on
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lifts floor temperature so it becomes room temperature as opposed to the concrete slab temperature

Types of Laminate Flooring
how to lay laminate flooring
Laminate Flooring is available in one of 2 types, planks and tiles.
  • Laminate flooring planks can be interlocking or tongue and groove.
  • Laminate flooring tiles have tongue and groove edges.
There are many different manufactures of laminate flooring and as the laminate flooring producers continue to expand colors, styles and increase quality, the growth of laminate flooring industry will continue.
However, regardless of the changes and enhancements people may make to laminate flooring, the one consistent is finding the best subflooring material available. If you're going to have laminate flooring you're going to need and demand a  laminate flooring comparisons subfloor.


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