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Benefits of a Laminated Floor
laminated wood floor
A laminated floor that is properly installed, protected and maintained will go a long way to help your laminated floor last as long as your home. Some benefits of a laminated floor are:
  • A laminated floor is tough and durable
  • A laminated floor is chemical resistant
  • A laminated floor can be easily cleaned
  • A laminated floor can resist dropped cigarettes for a time without burning the laminated floor
  • A laminated floor will keep its color or design for years. Sunlight will not fade a laminated floor
  • A laminated floor is hypoallergenic. The laminated floor repels dust, dustmites and other allergy causing particles
  • A laminated floor is stain resistant
  • Cleaning up a spill on a laminated floor is as simple as wiping up the mess.
  • Installing a laminated floor is quick and easy
  • A laminated floor requires no nails
  • A laminated floor comes in many different designs and colors
  • Scuff marks can be easily cleaned off a laminated floor

Where to Buy A Laminated Floor
laminated floor installation
You can purchase a laminated floor at any major hardware store. The price of a laminated floor varies depending on style, design and manufacturer. Regardless of where you buy your laminated floor you will still need a subfloor to install it on. The best laminated floor subfloor protects against moisture and helps lengthen the life of your laminated floor. One of installing laminated floor's subfloor membranes are the perfect fit for your laminated floor.


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